A quality welcome

Whether you're a foreign student or researcher, UPJV is committed to making your stay a pleasant experience.

From the preparation of your stay to your departure, you'll benefit from top-quality, accredited services.

The "Bienvenue en France" label, a guarantee of a warm welcome for students from all over the world

With its "Bienvenue en France" (BeF) label, UPJV guarantees its international students a special welcome and personalized support, for a successful stay!

This label attests to the quality of the welcome extended to international students by French higher education establishments. It recognizes the quality of the support offered to international students. It is awarded by Campus France for a period of four years, and is validated by an independent commission.

The UPJV was awarded the BeF Label in 2020, level 2 stars out of 3, in recognition of the high-quality welcome and support measures put in place over several years.

Services offered by the UPJV "Bienvenue en France" welcome office

- The creation of a "Guichet d'accueil Bienvenue en France" to facilitate administrative formalities on arrival (visa validation, social security registration, housing assistance applications, opening a bank account, etc.).

- The development of a sponsorship program by a local student, called the "Buddy System".

- Personalized support to facilitate the integration of international students

- Help with orientation and finding accommodation, thanks to our partnership with CROUS Amiens-Picardie

- Facilitating meetings and exchanges between international students on individual mobility programs and UPJV students.

- Free French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses

- Regular organization of webinars and events to help students settle in before arriving in France and throughout the academic year: "International Tuesdays".

Focus on the Buddy System

The UPJV offers its international students a free buddy system. Your buddy will help you settle into your new environment: understanding the language, discovering the city and the university, assisting with administrative formalities, cultural outings...

It's a two-way street: you win, your buddy wins! You help your buddy improve his or her level in your native language, while sharing your country's culture with him or her.

To take part in this program before or when you arrive at UPJV, register on the official sponsorship website: https://buddysystem.eu

The one-stop shop for international students

During the back-to-school period, the UPJV offers a one-stop shop to help international students with their administrative formalities.

This dedicated area will help facilitate all the formalities once you arrive in France. We strongly recommend that newly-registered students visit it, in order to :

  • obtain all necessary and useful information on student life
  • complete all administrative formalities on site
  • receive personalized support.

Please note: international students should bring all supporting documents with them, to make it easier for relay students to assist them.


Office "Bienvenue en France"
International Relations Department
11 rue des Francs Mûriers, 80000 AMIENS
+33 3 22 82 58 05

More about Le label Bienvenue en France 

The Qualité FLE (French as a Foreign Language) label: identifying, recognizing and promoting French

Our FLE (French as a Foreign Language) Center has been awarded the "Qualité FLE" label. A guarantee of quality in French language learning!

The "Qualité Français Langue Étrangère" label was created in France in 2007. It identifies, recognizes and promotes French as a foreign language centers whose language programs and services are of guaranteed quality.

Created 20 years ago, the UPJV FLE Center has been awarded the "Qualité Français Langue Étrangère" label in 2019, by an interministerial labeling commission.

Services offered by the Centre FLE de l'UPJV

- a variety of courses in French as a foreign language, free or paid, with or without qualifications, short or long term

- tutoring services

- preparation for TCF certification

- cultural activities, sports and events


Citadelle university center
10 rue des Français Libres, 80080 AMIENS


Euraxess: facilitating the mobility of researchers throughout the European Union

Are you an international lecturer or researcher preparing for a scientific mission, or have you been recruited by one of UPJV's research units? The UPJV's office for international researchers, accredited as a Euraxess Service Center by the European Commission, is your key contact for preparing your stay in France.

The UPJV is part of the EURAXESS European network, which facilitates the mobility of international doctoral students, post-docs, researchers and teacher-researchers!

The Euraxess European network is an initiative of the European Commission. It brings together over 600 service centers in 42 countries, with a common goal: to help international doctoral students, post-docs, researchers and teacher-researchers with all their mobility needs.

Benefiting from the expertise of this network, the UPJV Euraxess Center facilitates your mobility and that of your family:

  • personalized assistance with the formalities involved in entering and staying in France
  • assistance in preparing your stay and settling in Amiens

UPJV Euraxess center services

Thanks to its expertise and network of partners, the UPJV Euraxess Center offers you the following services:

- Preparing your stay: arrival procedures, visas, work permits, residence permits, departure formalities and conditions.

- Helping you settle in: special welcome, finding accommodation, housing insurance, medical cover, opening a bank account

- Support in everyday life: social security, family issues (school, insurance)

- Help with integration: French courses at different levels, conversation workshops, cultural outings, leisure activities, etc.


Centre UPJV Euraxess
International Relations Department
11 rue des Francs Mûriers, 80 000 Amiens

To register via Euraxess

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

To come to the UPJV with an Eiffel scholarship, students must meet the program's application criteria in order to be eligible to apply and, in particular, to pursue studies (Master's or Doctorate) among two major disciplinary fields covering seven areas of study:

Science and technology :

  • Biology and health
  • Ecological transition
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Engineering sciences

Humanities and social sciences :

  • History, French language and civilization
  • Law and Political Science
  • Economics and Management

To apply for an Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

  1. contact the "Espace Campus France" in your home country, or the French embassy's department of cooperation and cultural affairs, for guidance and advice
  2. contact your (future) Master's supervisor or thesis director for support
  3. contact the UPJV's International Relations Department to find out how to apply and the application deadline.

Please note: the deadline for submission of applications to the UPJV is different from the deadline for receipt of applications by Campus France.

  •     once your application has been submitted to the UPJV, the establishment examines your application
  •     if the UPJV accepts your application, it submits it online, on the dedicated Campus France website.

Please note: Only the UPJV is authorized to submit applications to Campus France. Applications sent directly by students or forwarded by foreign institutions will be declared ineligible.

For further information, please contact

International Relations Department
Esther Caron