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Interdisciplinarity in Materials
for Energy Storage and Conversion


i-MESC (Interdisciplinarity in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

i-MESC is an ambitious, unique and much needed 2-year MSc. program aiming to prepare and guide, in the most complete and efficient manner, the next generation of professionals to the new challenges of the energy field.
i-MESC offers a highly interdisciplinary curriculum, covering scientific and technological knowledge about electrochemical energy storage and conversion at multiple scales (from the materials to the devices). The program has a major focus on batteries, and also covers supercaps and fuel cells, from multiple angles, such as materials synthesis, devices manufacturing, advanced characterization, artificial intelligence and digital twins.

i-MESC is composed of three semesters of classes and a mandatory fourth semester in a research laboratory for the Master thesis. i-MESC students will therefore be offered to study in up to four different countries within 2 years.

Site web: https://i-mesc.eu

Interdisciplinarity in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

visées :
Expertise in Energy Storage Systems
Engineering in Advanced Electrochemistry
Materials Science
Mobility, Internationalisation
Domaines : Research & Development in Industry
Academic Resarch (PhD etc…)
Patent offices, Engineering
Secteurs : Materials producers, chemistry
Battery makers, photovoltaïcs
Automotive and transport industry
Course Manager : Alejandro A. Franco