Articles dans des revues internationales avec comité de lecture

Année 2017 …

  1. A. Giannakos, M. Hifi, R. Kheffache and R. Ouafi. An Approximation Algorithm for the k -Fixed Depots Problem. Computers & Industrial Engineering. To appear.
  2. H. Mhalla. An exact constructive algorithm for the knapsack sharing problem. Optimization Methods and Software (Taylor & Francis, eds). To appear.
  3. H. Bederina, M. Hifi and L. Wu. A new robust criterion for the vehicle routing problem with uncertain travel time. Computers & Industrial Engineering. To appear.
  4. A. Boucheckchoucka and M. Hifi. A hybrid descent method for the two-edge disjoint survivable network design problem with relays. Computers & Industrial Engineering. To appear.
  5. T. Al-Douri, M. Hifi. A Hybrid Reactive Search for solving the max-min knapsack problem with multi-scenarios, International Journal of Computers and Applications (Taylor & Francis, ads). To appear.
  6. F. Al-Maliky, M. Hifi and H. Mhalla. Sensitivity analysis of the setup knapsack problem to perturbation of arbitrary profits or weights. International Transactions in Operational Research. To appear.


Année 2016

  1. A. Al-Mohamadawi, K. Benhabib, R. M. Dheilly, A. Goullieux. Influence of lignocellulosic aggregate coating with paraffin wax on flax shive and cement-shive composite properties. Construction and Building Materials, vol 102 (1), pp. 94-104, 2016. (IF 2,421)
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  3. B.Belhadj, M.Bederina, Z.Makhloufi, R.M.Dheilly, N.Montrelay, M.Quéneudec. Contribution to the development of an eco-sand concrete lightened by the addition of barley straw, Construction and Building Materials, vol 113, pp. 513-522, 2016. (IF 2,421)
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Année 2015

  1. B. Belhadj, M.Bederina, Z.Malkloudi, A.Goullieux, M.Quéneudec. Study of the thermalperformances of an exterior wall of barley straw sand and concrete in an arid environment. Energy and Building 11/2014 87 DOI 10.1016, enerbuild 2014-11-034, vol 87, pp. 166-175, 1 january 2015. (IF 2,973)
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Année 2014

  1. M.Bederina, B.Belhadj, N. Montrelay, J. Houessou, M. Quéneudec. Effect of substitution of wood shavings by barley straws on the dimensional and thermomechanical properties of lightweight eco-sand-concrete, Construction and Building Materials, vol 66, pp.247-258, 2014. (IF 2,421)
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Année 2013

  1. H. Akeb, M. Hifi. Solving the circular open dimension problem by using separate beams and look-ahead strategies. Computers & Operations Research, vol. 440(5), pp. 1243-1255, 2013.
  2. M. Bederina, Z. Makloufi, A.Bounoua, T.Bouziani, M.Quéneudec. Effect of partial and total replacementof siliceous river sand with limestonecrushed sand on the durability of mortars exposed to chemical solutions, Construction and Building Materials, vol. 47, pp. 146-158, 2013. (IF 2,421)
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Année 2012

  1. G. Ausiello, N. Boria, A. Giannakos, G. Lucarelli, V. Paschos. Online maximum k-coverage. Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 160, pp. 1901-1913, 2012.M. Bederina, T. Bouziani, M.M. Khenfer, M. Quéneudec. Water absorption and its effects on the durability of sand concrete lightened by the addition of wood shavings, MATEC Web of Conferences 2, 01006 (2012).
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Année 2011

  1. H. Akeb, M. Hifi, S. Negre. An augmented beam search-based algorithm for the circular open dimension problem. Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol. 61(2), pp. 373—381, 2011.
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