Jonathan LENOIR

PhD & engineer degrees in Forest Sciences, Assistant Professor in Biostatistics
Speciality: Ecoinformatics, Forest Sciences, Macroecology, Plant Ecology
Team: GEP



Research  interests

Arctic, Biogeography, Biodiversity, Climate warming, Community, Dispersion, Distribution, Global Change, Ecological niche, Ecosystems, Forests, Mountains, Species, Vegetation.

Current ptojects

Topoclimatic variability and microrefugia (project manager within the Stay Or Go network).
Accessibility to glacial refugia and alpine plant diversity (project manager for Aarhus University).
Ecological niche shifts of plant species within their distributional range (co-supervisor of Safaa Wasof’s PhD thesis).
Predator-prey interactions as drivers of species diversity for non-volant terrestrial mammals (collaborator for Aarhus University).
Scale effects on productivity-diversity patterns for vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens (collaborator for Oulu University).
21st-century climate change and extinction debt of European mountain plants (collaborator for the University of Vienna).
The role of biotic interactions in shaping spatial distributions: implications for species distribution modeling (collaborator for the CBIONET network).
Species distribution shifts under contemporary climate change (review paper for the Encyclopedia of Biodiversity).

Teaching courses

Community Ecology, Functional Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Statistics.

Thesis supervision or co-supervision

2011- 2014 Safaa Wasof, Variation de la niche écologique des espèces végétales au sein de leurs aires de répartition (co-supervision).

Publications récentes

Lenoir J., Virtanen R., Oksanen J., Oksanen L., Luoto M., Grytnes J.A., and Svenning J.C. (AOP) Dispersal ability links to cross-scale species diversity patterns across the Eurasian Arctic tundra. Global Ecology and Biogeography, DOI: 10.1111/j.1466-8238.2011.00733.x.
Bertrand R., Lenoir J., Piedallu C., de Ruffray P., Vidal C., Pierrat J.C., and Gégout J.C. (2011) Changes in plant community composition lag behind climate warming in lowland forests. Nature, 479, 517–520.
Lenoir J., Gégout J.C., Guisan A., Vittoz P., Wohlgemuth T., Zimmermann N.E., Dulinger S., Pauli H., Willner W., Grytnes J.A., Virtanen R., and Svenning J.C. (2010) Cross-Scale Analysis of the Region Effect on Vascular Plant Species Diversity in Southern and Northern European Mountain Ranges. PLoS ONE, 5, e15734. (
Lenoir J., Gégout J.C., Pierrat J.C., Bontemps J.D., and Dhôte J.F. (2009) Differences between tree species seedling and adult altitudinal distribution in mountain forests during the recent warm period (1986-2006). Ecography, 32, 765-777.
Lenoir J., Gégout J.C., Marquet P.A., de Ruffray P., and Brisse H. (2008) A significant upward shift in plant species optimum elevation during the 20th century. Science, 320, 1768-1771, Faculty of 1000 Biology : F1000 article factor 9. (