Guillaume DECOCQ

PhD, PharmD – Full Profesor in Botany and Vegetation Science
Speciality: Botany and Plant Ecology
Team: GEP



Research interest

Impact of past and present human activities on plant diversity and community dynamics in forest ecosystems (temperate and tropical).

Key words

Historical ecology – Plant community – Forest – Vascular plant species – Species diversity – Community diversity – Landscape – Ecological succession – Assembly rules.

Recent or current projects

Coordinator of the following research projects: Prunus serotina (MEDD-INVABIO 2), METAFOR (CRPicardie), smallFOREST (BiodivERsA – 2012-2014).
Task leader within the GENESYS project (Institut d’Excellence en Energie Décarbonée PIVERT 2012-2015)


Plant and fungus sciences (Pharmacy)

Directions or joint managements of thesis

Justin Kassi N’Dja
Marie-Caroline Momo Soléfak
Emmanuelle Sebert-Cuvillier
Aurélien Jamoneau
Sidonie Preiss
Patrice Thuillier
Denis Beina
Emmanuelle Araujo Calçada
Safaa Wasof
Thomas Feiss

Current administrative tasks

Head of the research unit « Ecology and Dynamics of Anthropic Systèmes Anthropisés » (FRE 3498 Edysan),
Head of the unit PRiMAX (Prevention of Risks associated to drugs and other xenobiotics) at the University hospital of Amiens – Picardie,
Coordination of Axis 4 « Environnement » of the Research federation « Condorcet » (FR CNRS 3417),
Co-responsibility of the option « Ecology and Biodiversity » of the Master graduation « Ecosystems, Agrosystems and Sustainable Development » (EADD),
Responsibility of the University Diploma “Field botany” of the Botanical French Society.

Recent publications

Van Calster H, Vandenberghe R, Ruysen M, Verheyen K, Hermy M., Decocq G. Unexpectedly high 20th century floristic losses in a rural landscape in northern France. Journal of Ecology 2008 ; 96: 927-936.
Decocq G. Invisibility promotes invisibility. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2010 ; 8: 346-347.
De Frenne P, Brunet J, Shevtsova A, Kolb A, Graae BJ, Chabrerie O, Cousins Sao, Decocq G, De Schrijver A, Diekmann M, Gruwez R, Heinken T, Hermy M, Nilsson C, Stanton S, Tack W, Willaert J, Verheyen K. Temperature effects on forest herbs assessed by warming and transplant experiments along a latitudinal gradient. Global Change Biology 2011 ; 17 : 3240–3253.
Jamoneau A, Sonnier G, Chabrerie O, Closset-Kopp D, Saguez R, Gallet-Moron E, Decocq G. Drivers of plant species assemblages in forest patches among contrasted dynamic agricultural landscapes. Journal of Ecology 2011; 99: 1152-1161.
Jamoneau A, Chabrerie O, Closset-Kopp D, Decocq G. Fragmentation alters patterns of beta-diversity within forest metacommunities. Ecography 2012 ; 35 : 124-133.