Les projets de recherche complémentaires

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smallFOREST will benefit from a tight cooperation with ongoing, large-scale European FP VII projects.

FunDivEUROPE (Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe), coordinated by partner 4 (ALU-Freiburg), will use a similar set of proxy measurements to characterize different aspects of forest biodiversity and to quantify ecosystem processes related to ES. FunDivEUROPE will establish relationships between biodiversity and ES, focusing on large, closed forests in six different regions across Europe. Thus, the role of small forest remnants in agricultural landscapes falls out the scope of FunDivEUROPE. By implementing a similar set of proxy measurements, by one common field site, and finally by joint synopses, smallFOREST and FunDivEUROPE could provide an unprecedented overview about the interdependence of forest biodiversity and ES in European forests, taking into account different forest types, forest area sizes, and degrees of forest isolation, at different spatial scales.
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FLEUR is a European network of researchers interested in the dynamics of forest plant species in a changing environment. They use observational and experimental approaches as well as large databases to answer questions in connection to forest plant population biology and ecology and global change themes.
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