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Follow a two-year Master programme in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering within 8 universities (UPS, AMU, WUT, UPJV, UL, UPV/EHU, DREXEL and DEAKIN) in 6 countries (France, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, US and Australia) that host world-renowned leading research laboratories in the field of Energy-related materials.

Latest News

  • Admissions 2017 - Deadline 12 May 2017
    The applications to join M.E.S.C. in September 2017 are now open. If you are interested to integrate our Master programme with our without scholarship, please go directly to the Applications section where the application tool that is available. Read next page
IMPORTANT: Ten years of MESC...
During these last months, we collected some relevant information about employability among all the MESC graduates. The important feedback we received allowed us to gather all these data in a new ALUMNI YEARBOOK and also to extract the figures to make an ANALYSIS of 11 years of running an Erasmus Mundus Master Course.

What is MESC?

The European Master Course 'Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion' "MESC" is designed to provide a 2-year (120 ECTS) education program in Materials Science and Electrochemistry at 8 universities in 6 countries : France (Marseille, Toulouse, Amiens), Poland (Warsaw), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Spain (Bilbao), US (Philadelphia) and Australia (Geelong). These universities host world-renowned, leading research laboratories in the field of energy-related materials.

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