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Travel to Amiens

By car

Amiens is at 1 hour 15 minutes from Paris by motorway, and can be reached by:
• A16, that connects Amiens to the parisian region and the harbor of the North Sea, and opens the capital of Picardy to Great Britain via a Tunnel (since 1998).
• A29, that connects Amiens with Normandy region (Rouen and Le Havre) and the East of France (Reims).
• A1, that connects Amiens to the eastern the parisian region via the A29 trunk.

By train
Amiens is at 1 hour from Paris (more than 20 daily round trips).
The high-speed TGV train station of Haute Picardie is just 20 minutes away. From Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport just 30 minutes by TGV to TGV Haute Picardie.
Book your train ticket on the SNCF Web site : http://www.voyages-sncf.com/
By plane

Amiens is near (110 km) the international Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport. From this CDG Airport, take RER to Gare du Nord railway station and then a train to Amiens.
Amiens is near the (168 km) international Orly airport. Then take RER to Gare du Nord railway station and train to Amiens
Amiens is close (50 km) to the international Beauvais-Tillé airport.

At Beauvais-Tillé airport you can travel by :

RYANAIR : http://www.ryanair.com/fr-FR
BLUE AIR MGT : https://www.blueairweb.com/
AIR MOLDOVA : http://www.airmoldova.md/
WIZZ AIR : https://wizzair.com/fr-FR/Search

For further possibility, go to www.jet2.com
The airline Jet2.com will start a unique new route from Leeds-Bradford (UK) to Albert-Picardie (Somme-France) to enable english visitors to discover the Somme Battlefields and Amiens in Northern France.
The company operate a twice-weekly service to Albert on Mondays and Fridays.



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