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Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Past to present

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After several years the University of Picardie was officially decreed
on 17th December 1970.
In the process leading up to this, numerous obstacles were overcome and eventually
the University was able to assert its regional identity.

The early 1960's

In the early 60's, Amiens grouped together 4 pre-university level establishments : a national school of medicine and pharmacy, a law school, a science college and an arts school. However these structures did not supply a complete cycle of studies, forcing the students of Amiens to continue their studies elsewhere. Since the first education authority disappeared in 1848, the establishments in Amiens were governed by the Lille Academy.

1964 to 1968 : quest for autonomy

There was just one solution to become autonomous : obtain an academy in Amiens. And this was carried out in October 1964.
Robert Mallet, who liked to be considered 'Picard' rather than 'French', was appointed at the head of the institution.
1964 : beginning of a new scientific higher education establishment in Saint-Quentin.
1966 : setting up of the Faculty of Medicine.
July 1968 : beginning of the Faculties of Arts and Social Science and Science.
October 1968 : beginning of the Faculty of Law and Economics.

24th October 1968
Official opening of the University of Amiens

The University of Picardie

In Chief Education Officer Roger Mallet's own words, "It will be the University of Picardie". It took two years to set up the university and during this time forged a strong identity in the fight to retain the name 'Picardie'. There were in fact protests from other establishments of higher education.

The 1970 decree
approves the statutes
of the University of Picardie.

1970 : Towards multi-disciplinarity

October 1970 : Completion of the I.U.T. civil engineering and mechanical engineering
1970 : The Faculty of Applied and Natural Science in St-Quentin is set up.
16th March 1971 : Dominique Taddeï is elected president of the University.
Autonomous and holding authority, the University is now ready for action

1991 : In honour of Jules Verne

The University becomes the University of Picardie Jules Verne
in honour of Jules Verne, famous author who spent many years in Amiens.
1992 : I.U.T. departments in Beauvais and Soissons
1993 : I.U.T. department in Laon

From 2000 to the present

image2000 : New four-yearly contract, 9 new DESS courses created and 2 new IUP's, plus 3 vocational degrees
2001 : 8th President : Gilles Demailly follows on from Bernard Risbourg
End of 2004 : New four-yearly contract Signature
2006 : 9th president : Georges Fauré follows on from Gilles Demailly
2008 : The IUFM joins the UPJV as an internal school

image2009 : UPJV is 40 years old
UPJV has 17 UFR faculties et 7 institutes.
23000 Students
4 Domains - 29 Vocational Bachelor Degrees

2011 : January 1st, UPJV becomes autonomous

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