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Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Plant Production and Food Industry

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IUT PVIA_Minimes

IUT PVIA_Minimes

Each year the P.V.I.A is open to 50 students coming from French or foreign universities and holders of a diploma in biology at baccalauréat' plus 2 years level, to follow a bachelors course, and baccalauréat' plus 3 years level for a masters. An education board carries out selection of the 50 students based on application and interview, and according to former results and motivation.

The Biology department applied to plant production and food industry (PV and IAA) has a three-year programme. The aim is to give students theorical knowledge and practical situations in the various aspects this special field covers. However, we concentrate specifically on plant production adapted to the food industry as this constitutes the main theme of the bachelors course. The masters course is aimed at quality control and food security, and innovations in PV and IAA.

Five important questions focus on these central themes :

  • What is the nature of plant production and/or food industry products ?
  • What are the varying influencing factors in obtaining plant production and/or food industry products ?
  • How can the quality and quantity of plant production and/or food industry products be improved ?
  • How can the quality and safety of plant production and food industry products be assessed and controlled ?
  • What are the main PV and IAA innovations ?
The core course is 9 months, completed by work experience. Those with diplomas are trained to become executives in the agricultural and food industry sectors. They could be consultants in companies or in agricultural co-operatives, head of quality control, of innovation and/or transformations in the food industry, selectors, etc ... this may be at regional, national and European level. The teachers are specialised in their fields and are professors, lecturers and temporary education and research assistants (ATER) from the Faculties of Science, Medicine and the IUT of Amiens; teacher-researchers from the INRA (Mons, Laon, Versailles) etc... The departments of Plant Protection and the Chamber of Agriculture intervene regularly. One third of the teaching is carried out by professionals from outside the university : selectors, technicians or industrialists ... there are also professionals who receive trainees both in France and abroad.

Each student is allocated a supervisor and course tutor. A joint commission regularly assesses the courses. Work experience and/or periods abroad are encouraged.

The council for improvements is composed jointly of professionals from Plant Production and Food Industry and of the university, and makes sure that the P.V.I.A. runs smoothly.


33, Rue SAINT-LEU AMIENS 80039 AMIENS CEDEX 1 FRANCE Tel: 03 22 82 76 48 Fax: 03 22 82 76 12


Director of PVIA : Professeur B.S. SANGWAN

Director of studies : Vincent NIOT (PRAG)

Head of degree option PVIA : Antony BEAUJEAN

Head of Master1 specialising in PVIA : Vincent NIOT (PRAG)

Head of Master2 specialising in PVIA : Jérôme LACOUX

Other teachers in PVIA department : Manuella CATTEROU (MC), Antoine DANON (MC) and Karine PAGEAU (MC)

Secretary : Pascale BRUXELLE

Technician in Practical Work : Myriam OGER

Science tuition : Véronique Petit



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