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Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Faculty of Medicine

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This is the oldest higher education centre in Amiens. In 1804 the administrative commission of the hospices in Amiens decided to set up medical and pharmacy teaching and on 15th March founded the Ecole de Santé d'Amiens. On 12th April 1804 the school was inaugurated. Two years later it was officially decreed the Ecole de Santé d'Amiens along with those in Brussels and Gand. It would only be in 1966 that the school actually became the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy. So began  teaching in the health sector, which lies amongst the most long-standing training courses in higher education in Picardie. There have, however been ups and downs. For example, in 1896 the Mayor of Amiens considered the school's running costs too high for his town and wanted to get rid of the expense. He had to withdraw and give in his notice, even if briefly, after his town council, strongly inspired by councillor Jules Verne, decided to continue to give the school its financial support. Set in the town centre, mid-way between the two university hospitals north and south, the Faculty shares premises with the Faculty of Pharmacy. A considerable effort has been made to supply the students and teachers with high quality multi-media equipment.


Pôle santé 3, Rue DES LOUVELS 80036 AMIENS CEDEX 1 Tel. 03 22 82 77 45

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