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Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Faculty of Law and Political Science

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For over 30 years the Faculty of Law and Political Science has been training students and issuing European diplomas in several branches of Law and Political Science. It is ideally located both regionally (1 hour from Paris and mid-way between Paris and Lille) and locally (positioned in the town centre, close to the university library and restaurant).
The Faculty is of a reasonable size and offers excellent services, both in terms of teaching and of study conditions.
It is part of the ERASMUS programme exchanging with the universities of Amsterdam, Anvers, Barcelona, Bergen, Cardiff, Constance, Ferrare, Göteborg, Keele, Madrid, Mannheim, Trèves and Salamanca.
The Faculty is one of the few in France offering courses in English Law, which can be followed from the 2nd year of the degree.


10 placette Lafleur Pôle universitaire Cathédrale BP 2716 80027 AMIENS cedex 1 Tel : 03 22 82 71 52 Fax : 03 22 82 71 51

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