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Publications 2018 - Oxydes complexes fonctionnels

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  •    A Lambert, F Bougrioua, O Abbas, M Courty, M El Marssi, V Faivre, S Bresson : Temperature dependent Raman and X-ray diffraction studies of anhydrous milk fat
    Food Chemistry
    267 pages 187-195
  • M Benyoussef, M Zannen, J Belhadi, B Manoun, J Dellis, M El Marssi, A Lahmar : Dielectric, ferroelectric, and energy storage properties in dysprosium doped sodium bismuth titanate ceramics
    Ceramics International 44 (16), 19451-19460
  • B Carcan, H Bouyanfif, M El Marssi, F Le Marrec, L Dupont, C Davoisne, J Wolfman, DC Arnold : Interlayer strain effects on the structural behavior of BiFeO3/LaFeO3superlattices
    Journal of Applied Physics 124 (4), 044105
  • AT Kozakov, AG Kochur, VG Trotsenko, AV Nikolskii, M El Marssi, BP Gorshunov, VI Torgashev : Valence state of cations in manganites Pr1-xCaxMnO3 (0.3<x<0.5) from X-ray diffraction and X-ray photoelectron specroscopy 
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 740, 132-142
  •   B Asbani, Y Gagou, M Trček, J-L Dellis, M Amjoud, A Lahmar, D Mezzane, Z Kutnjak, M El Marssi : Dielectric permittivity enhancement and large electrocaloric effect in the lead free (Ba0. 8Ca0. 2) 1-xLa2x/3TiO3 ferroelectric ceramics
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 730, 501-508
  •  M Hadouchi, A Assani, M Saadi, A Lahmar, M El Marssi, M Sajieddine, L El Ammari : Synthesis, Characterization, and Magnetic Properties of A2Co2Fe(VO4)3 (A = Ag or Na) Alluaudite-Type Vanadates
    Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism24372446
  • Kamel TaIbil, Nesrine Taibi-Haddadou, Abdelilah Lahmar, Gharib Rekhila, Mohamed Trari : Structural, dielectric and photoelectrochemical properties of new lead-free ceramics of composition Ba0. 925Bi0. 05 (Ti0. 95-x Zr-x) Sn0. 05O3
    Acta  Crystallographica  A 74, E283
  • H Abdelsalam, VA Saroka, I Lukyanchuk, ME Portnoi,
    Multilayer phosphorene quantum dots in an electric field: Energy levels and optical absorption
    J. Appl. Phys. 124, 124303
  • A. Forgac, J.  Rabcan, E.  Zaitseva, , & I. Lukyanchuk,
    Construction of the Structure Function of Multi-State System Based on Incompletely Specified Data.
    In International Conf. on Dependability and Complex Systems, 184, Springer
  • I. Luk'yanchuk, A Sené, V. Vinokour
    Electrodynamics of ferroelectric films with negative capacitance
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 024107





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