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Publications 2017 - Oxydes Ferroélectriques

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  • VG Trotsenko, AS Mikheykin, VB Shirokov, AG Razumnaya, M El Marssi, BP Gorshunov, AA Bush, VI Torgashev : Invar effect accompanying charge order in La0. 25Ca0. 75MnO3
    Solid State Sciences 72, 144-149
  •   B. Carcan, H. Bouyanfif, M. El Marssi, F. Le Marrec, L. Dupont, C. Davoisne, J. Wolfman, D. C. Arnold : Phase Diagram of BiFeO3/LaFeO3 Superlattices: AntiferroelectricLike State Stability Arising from Strain Effects and Symmetry Mismatch at Heterointerfaces
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, 4, 1601036
  • Y. Gagou, J. Belhadi, B. Asbani, M. El Marssi, J-L Dellis, Yu. I. Yuzyuk, I. P. Raevski and J. F Scott : Intrinsic dead layer effects in relaxed epitaxial BaTiO3 thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition
    Materials and Design, 122, 157-163
  •    H. Kaddoussi, A. Lahmar, Y. Gagou, B. Manoun, J.N. Chotard, J.-L. Dellis, Z. Kutnjak,  H. Khemakhem, B. Elouadi and M. El Marssi : Sequence of structural transitions and electrocaloric properties in (Ba1-xCax)(Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3 ceramics
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Review), 713, 164-179
  •   B. Asbani , Y. Gagou , J-L. Dellis , M. Trcek , Z. Kutnjak , M. Amjoud , A. Lahmar, D. Mezzane, M. El Marssi : Lead free Ba0.8Ca0.2TexTi1-xO3 ferroelectric ceramics exhibiting high electrocaloric properties
    J. Appl. Phys.  121, 064103
  • Yu. I. Yuzyuk, I.P.  Raevski, S.I.  Raevskaya, N. Lemée, M.G. Karkut, W. Peng, M.  El Marssi, H. Chen : Misfit strain-induced changes in the Fe-sublattice of multiferroic Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3 epitaxial nanofilm seen via Raman spectroscopy
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 695, 1821
  • M. Zannen, A. Lahmar, Z. Kutnjak, J. Belhadi, H. Khemakhem, M. El Marssi: Electrocaloric effect and energy storage in lead free Gd 0.02 Na 0.5 Bi 0.48 TiO 3 ceramic
    Solid State Sciences 66, 31-37
  •   G. Razumnaya, A. S. Mikheykin, I. A Lukyanchuk, V. B. Shirokov, Y. I. Golovko, V. M. Mukhortov, M. El Marssi, Y. I. Yuzyuk : Unexpectedly high Curie temperature in weakly strained ferroelectric film
    Physica status solidi (b) 254, 160041
  • C. Chalfouh, A Lahmar, S Zaghal, R. Hannachi, N Abdelmoula, H Khemakhem : Effects of lanthanide amphoteric incorporation on structural, electrical, and photoluminescence properties of BaTi0.925(Yb0.5Nb0.5)0.075O3 ceramic
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 711, 20
  • D. V. Stryukov, A. G. Razumnaya, Yu. I. Golovko, A. S. Anokhin, I. A. Lukyanchuk, V. B. Shirokov, V. M. Mukhortov
    Lattice dynamics and structural distortions in the multiferroic (Ba, Sr) TiO 3/(Bi, Nd)FeO3 heterostructures
    Thin Solid Films. 636, 220
  • V. A. Saroka, I. Lukyanchuk, M. E. Portnoi,  H. Abdelsalam
    Electro-optical properties of phosphorene quantum dots.
    Phys. Rev. B 96, 085436





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