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Sciences Humaines et Sociales
Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Publications CORPUS 2013

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Hilarion's AsseAmélie Junqua, « Surfeits of words – how to survive lists in Tristram Shandy » in Anne Bandry-Scubbi and Peter de Voogd, eds, Hilarion’s Asse: Laurence Sterne and Humour, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 107-20.
The humour of Tristram Shandy has often been acknowledged, but it is not easy to find scholarly articles on Laurence Sterne which suggest that their authors laughed as they wrote. Nine authors have been invited to redress this in the year of the tercentenary of Sterne’s birth. This volume offers nine different facets of humour, a kaleidoscope which enables readers to recombine at will the genial, the bawdy, the sentimental, the ludicrous, the hobby-horsical, the philosophical, the irreverent, the incongruous and the facetious, sending the text spiralling out of the page.
Commander l'ouvrage

The real iron ladySophie Loussouarn, « Margaret Thatcher and France », in Gillian Shephard, ed., The Real Iron Lady : Working with Margaret Thatcher, Biteback Publishing.
There are so many myths about the extraordinary presence and political life of Margaret Thatcher, but what was it really like to work for her? In this remarkable collection, Gillian Shephard who herself served as a minister under Margaret Thatcher has brought together a group of contributors with experience of working with the Iron Lady at all sorts of levels: members of her Cabinets, such as Douglas Hurd and Tom King; other MPs and peers; and people who had worked for her at Conservative Central Office, or in her constituency, or behind the scenes at 10 Downing Street.
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Periphrasis, replacement, renewalBrian Lowrey, “Syntactic and semantic variation: Middle English causatives and complement types” In I. Hegedűs & D. Pődör, eds, Periphrasis, Replacement and Renewal: Studies in English Historical Linguistics, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
The contributions to this volume smoothly blend synchronic theory and diachronic investigations, and thus offer novel observations about the historical evolution of the English language from various theoretical angles (such as minimalist theory, formal semantics, recent theories on productivity, and various discourse models). By offering new vantage points and improved frameworks for the study of Present-Day English, the papers also provide solutions to problems that have been persistently present in the synchronic analysis of English.
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George Moore across BordersNathalie Saudo-Welby, “‘The soul with a false bottom’ and ‘the deceitful character’: Analysing the servant in the Goncourts’ Germinie Lacerteux and George Moore’s Esther Waters” in Christine Huguet et Fabienne Dabrigeon-Garcier, eds, George Moore: Across Borders, Amsterdam/New-York: Rodopi, 209-25.
A truly cosmopolitan Irish writer, George Moore (1852-1933) was a fascinating figure of the fin de siècle, moving between countries, crossing genre and medium boundaries, forever exploring and promulgating aesthetic trends and artistic developments: Naturalism in the novel and the theatre, Impressionism in painting, Decadence and the avant-garde, Literary Wagnerism, the Irish Literary Revival, New Woman culture. This volume on border-crossings offers a variety of critical perspectives to approach Moore’s multifaceted oeuvre and personality. The essays by contributors from various national backgrounds and from a wide range of disciplines establish original points of contact between literary creation, art history, Wagnerian opera, gender studies, sociology, and altogether reposition Moore as a major representative of European turn-of-the-century culture.
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