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Publications de 2018

Couverture International MigrationInternational Migrations in the Victorian Era
Edited by Marie Ruiz
Brill, 2018, 564 pages

On account of its remarkable reach as well as its variety of schemes and features, migration in the Victorian era is a paramount chapter of the history of worldwide migrations and diasporas. Indeed, Victorian Britain was both a land of emigration and immigration. International Migrations in the Victorian Era covers a wide range of case studies to unveil the complexity of transnational circulations and connections in the 19th century. Combining micro- and macro-studies, this volume looks into the history of the British Empire, 19th century international migration networks, as well as the causes and consequences of Victorian migrations and how technological, social, political, and cultural transformations, mainly initiated by the Industrial Revolution, considerably impacted on people’s movements. It presents a history of migration grounded on people, structural forces and migration processes that bound societies together. Rather than focussing on distinct territorial units, International Migrations in the Victorian Era balances different scales of analysis: individual, local, regional, national and transnational.
Contributors are: Rebecca Bates, Sally Brooke Cameron, Milosz K. Cybowski, Nicole Davis, Anne-Catherine De Bouvier, Claire Deligny, Elizabeth Dillenburg, Nicolas Garnier, Trevor Harris, Kathrin Levitan, Véronique Molinari, Ipshita Nath, Jude Piesse, Daniel Renshaw, Eric Richards, Sue Silberberg, Ben Szreter, Géraldine Vaughan, Briony Wickes, Rhiannon Heledd Williams.

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Summoning the DeadSummoning the Dead: Essays on Ron Rash
Edited by Randall Wilhelm and Zackary Vernon
Foreword by Robert Morgan
The University of South Carolina Press, 2018, 240 pages
The first book-length examination of the award-winning author of poetry and fiction firmly rooted in Appalachia.
Contributors: Barbara Bennett, Thomas Aervold Bjerre, Mae Miller Claxton, Martha Greene Eads, James Eric Ensley, Jesse Graves, John Lang, Erica Abrams Locklear, Tripthi Pillai, Adam J. Pratt, Brian Railsback, Jimmy Dean Smith, Frederique Spill, Daniel Cross Turner, Zackary Vernon, Edward J. Whitelock, Randall Wilhelm

Karen Brown, Camille Fort, Laurence Petit, Text and Image in Children's Literature, Image and Narrative 19.1 (2018), Volume 1 : Power and Authority in Text and Image: The Educational and Political Dimension of Children's Literature.

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