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Publications de 2019

Fame and FacesSophie Loussouarn, Fame and Faces: Portraits and Caricatures of Women in the Reign of George IIIIndiebooks, 2018. “The spread of portraiture in eighteenth century Britain reflected a society increasingly conscious of representation, consumption and indeed celebrity. As Sophie Loussouarn skilfully portrays in this fascinating account, these changing sensibilities are beautifully captured by the portraiture of women. Ranging widely across the manners and mores of Georgian society, she shows how representation and display signalled the structures of power and identity. The result is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the rich material culture of the period.” Peter Catterall, Professor in British History, University of Westminster

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The Radiance of Small ThingsFrédérique Spill, The Radiance of Small Things in Ron Rash's Writing, The University of South Carolina Press, 2019.
The Radiance of Small Things in Ron Rash's Writing examines how the poet's language bristles with a variety of carefully registered sensory perceptions detailing minute objects, some of which, Frédérique Spill argues, less poetic minds than his might consider insignificant. Through its eleven chapters, each devoted to a different book in order of publication, Spill's study shows how prone Rash is to making violence cohabit with beauty, thus imbuing the dreariest situations with a poignant brightness, an unlikely luminescence. The overall discussion highlights the evolution of Rash's writing toward a dense inventiveness and a keen poetic awareness of the workings of the natural world, which reaches a peak with the publication of Above the Waterfall. However, readers more particularly interested in one specific book may consult chapters separately. The volume concludes with three interviews with Rash, respectively focusing on novels, short stories, and poetry. Through close readings and systematic observations of Ron Rash's writing, Spill hopes to illuminate these seemingly insignificant details. They somehow contain larger elements—textual components that could remain unnoticed but might very well prove fraught with significance.

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CouvertureL'AmeParaphraséeL'âme paraphrasée : George Herbert (1593-1633), poèmes traduits et annotés par Camille Fort, Grenoble : UGA Editions, 2019.
Cet ouvrage est une traduction française de trente-deux poèmes majeurs extraits du Temple de George Herbert, poète anglais essentiel du XVIIe siècle. La mise en regard des textes français et anglais permet de s’étendre sur la poésie proprement dite, ses effets et ses subtilités. Écrite dans un style concis, émaillée de formules frappantes et éclairantes, l’introduction relève le défi consistant à donner à comprendre en quelques pages la signification, la nature et la portée de la poésie de Herbert. Le poète est en effet bien plus qu’un témoin des soubresauts religieux de son temps : il est celui dont « le cœur pérégrinant » exprime l’errance et l’obstination spirituelles de l’homme.

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Oxford Handbook to Migration CrisesThe Oxford Handbook of Migration Crises, coordonné par Cecilia Menjívar, Immanuel Ness et Marie Ruiz, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019. 
The objective of The Oxford Handbook of Migration Crises is to deconstruct, question, and redefine through a critical lens what is commonly understood as "migration crises." The volume covers a wide range of historical, economic, social, political, and environmental conditions that generate migration crises around the globe. At the same time, it illuminates how the media and public officials play a major role in framing migratory flows as crises. The volume brings together an exceptional group of scholars from around the world to critically examine migration crises and to revisit the notion of crisis through the context in which permanent and non-permanent migration flows occur.






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