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Sciences Humaines et Sociales
Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Conflits, représentations et dialogues dans l'univers anglo-saxon

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L’Equipe d’Accueil CORPUS est spécialisée dans l’étude des langages et de la mémoire dans les pays anglophones. Elle a été créée en 2008 par la fusion de l’ancienne JE 2440 (CERCLA) de l’Université de Rouen et du PPF NORMA (Normes et Marge) de l’Université d’Amiens. Il s’agit d’un laboratoire bi-site (Rouen-Amiens) focalisé exclusivement et résolument sur les études anglophones. Il réunit des littéraires, des civilisationnistes et des linguistes.

Dernières publications

Couverture International MigrationMarie Ruiz (ed.), International Migrations in the Victorian Era, Brill, 2018.

On account of its remarkable reach as well as its variety of schemes and features, migration in the Victorian era is a paramount chapter of the history of worldwide migrations and diasporas. Indeed, Victorian Britain was both a land of emigration and immigration. International Migrations in the Victorian Era covers a wide range of case studies to unveil the complexity of transnational circulations and connections in the 19th century. Combining micro- and macro-studies, this volume looks into the history of the British Empire, 19th century international migration networks, as well as the causes and consequences of Victorian migrations and how technological, social, political, and cultural transformations, mainly initiated by the Industrial Revolution, considerably impacted on people’s movements. It presents a history of migration grounded on people, structural forces and migration processes that bound societies together. Rather than focussing on distinct territorial units, International Migrations in the Victorian Era balances different scales of analysis: individual, local, regional, national and transnational.

Contributors are: Rebecca Bates, Sally Brooke Cameron, Milosz K. Cybowski, Nicole Davis, Anne-Catherine De Bouvier, Claire Deligny, Elizabeth Dillenburg, Nicolas Garnier, Trevor Harris, Kathrin Levitan, Véronique Molinari, Ipshita Nath, Jude Piesse, Daniel Renshaw, Eric Richards, Sue Silberberg, Ben Szreter, Géraldine Vaughan, Briony Wickes, Rhiannon Heledd Williams.

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Karen Brown, Camille Fort, Laurence Petit, Text and Image in Children's Literature, Image and Narrative 19.1 (2018), Volume 1 : Power and Authority in Text and Image: The Educational and Political Dimension of Children's Literature.

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Couverture Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction CinemaMarianne Kac-Vergne, Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema, Londres : I.B. Tauris, 2017.
‘A must read about gender politics in popular culture, this is a revealing and original historical study about constructed male identities in the flourishing genre of science fiction. Marianne Kac-Vergne eloquently coins key developments in the depiction of (hyper)masculinity in Hollywood blockbusters and traces the 1980s heroes with bulging muscles and hard bodies to the twenty-first century- sci-fi-species equipped with clever minds and a heart. The only staple: women stay on the sidelines while hegemonic masculinity rules. In the current political climate Kac-Vergne teaches us invaluable new insights to engage with the ideas of race and gender in mainstream film’ - Karen A. Ritzenhoff, Professor, Department of Communication, Central Connecticut State University.
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Marie Ruiz, British Female Emigration Societies and the New World, 1860-1914, Londres : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. ISBN: 978-3-319-50179-6
Foreword : Philippa Levine (University of Texas)
This book focuses on the departure of Britain’s 'surplus' women to Australia and New Zealand organised by Victorian British female emigration societies. Starting with an analysis of the surplus of women question, it then explores the philanthropic nature of the organisations (the Female Middle Class Emigration Society, the Women’s Emigration Society, the British Women’s Emigration Association, and the Church Emigration Society). The study of the strict selection of distressed gentlewomen emigrants is followed by an analysis of their marketing value, and an appraisal of women’s imperialism. Finally, this work shows that the female emigrants under study partook in the consolidation of the colonial middle-class.

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Des mots aux actes n°6 (2017) : "Traduire le sacré"

Sous la direction de Florence Lautel-Ribstein

Contributeurs : Jacques Ancet, Stéphanie Anthonioz, Cyril Aslanov, Yunfei Bai, Pascal Bataillard, Roland Béhar, France Bhattacharya, Julie Brock, Jean Canavaggio, Sandra Contamina, Camille Fort, Bahareh Ghanadzadeh Yazdi, Marie-Carmen Giralt, Francine Kaufmann, Young-Hae Kim, Jean-René Ladmiral, Marc de Launay, Antonio Lavieri, Bénédicte Letellier, Rémi Mathieu, Daniel Negers, Marc-Alain Ouaknin, Sündüz Öztürk Kasar, Laurence Petit, Alexandra Sfoini, Sharan Kumar Subramanian, Nicolas Tournadre, Claude Tresmontant, Maria Zerari-Penin.

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