Field excursion, General Assembly, Toulouse – France, November 2013
Photographies: Steffen Ehrmann

Field excursion, Pallieter De Smedt – Belgium, June 2013

Field excursion, FLEUR Network meeting, Bremen – Germany, March 2013

Training program: carabid beetles and spiders, Amiens – France February 2013

Field excursion, General Assembly, Saint-Quentin – France, November 2012
Photographies: Steffen Ehrmann

North France landscapes

Spiders, centipedes, harvestmen and woodlice search by Pallieter De Smedt in Belgium

Soil sampling in North France with Karin Hansen, September 2012

Field work in North France, May 2012

Meeting in Stockholm, March 2012
Photographies: Pieter De Frenne