ERC Consolidator Grant #772873
Prof. Alejandro A. Franco

Webinar Series

This Section keeps you informed about the next Webinar organized by the ARTISTIC project team

ARTISTIC Project Webinar Series: First Battery Manufacturing Days

Dates : June, 29th - July, 3rd (Every day from 2PM - 5:20 PM France time)

This "Battery Manufacturing Webinar Series" aims to develop a forum of discussion about the links between battery manufacturing process and electrode properties, encompassing both modeling and experimental approaches.  Free of charge, this Webinar Series is devoted to battery scientists and engineers as well as to students interested in the energy field. The schedule combine talks given by the ARTISTIC project members and invited talks given by active battery scientists from Europe and North America. In this occasion, the ARTISTIC project members will present their latest works and will introduce the first version of the "Data Explorer", an interactive Web App which will allow users to have access and reuse the project database. The invited speakers will cover a wide diversity of linked topics, such as battery aqueous processing, autonomous discovery of materials, electrode microstructure-properties links, machine learning generation of electrode microstructures, impedance characterization of porous electrodes and much more ! 


For informations about detailed contents, registration (free of charge), program and more click on the link below. 


ARTISTIC Project Webinar Series