Geneviève PREVOST

Professor of evolutionary ecology
Speciality/appraise : Virulence – resistance interactions in host-parasite insect systems
Axe 1 (80%) – Axe 2 (20%)





Research topics, key words

My research is focusing on various aspects of the evolutionary interactions between insect hosts and endophagous parasitoids, with emphasis on immunity and physiological approaches. On the hosts’ side, we evaluate the potential resistance to parasites. On the parasites’ side,  we are comparing the different strategies developed by phylogenentically close parasitoids to regulate the immunity and physiology of either a small or large spectrum of host species.

Thematics more recently developed concern the capacity of local parasitoids to control invasive insect species, and the effects of global warming  on this host-parasite interaction.

Models : Drosophila ; Aphids ; Lepidopteran ; Hymenopteran endophagous parasites.

Projects recent or in progress :

– Identification of the molecular components of both venom and ovarian fluid responsible for the successful development of endophagous parasitoids, and of their molecular targets in their host. This applies to Asobara – Drosophila versus Leptopilina – Drosophila systems.

– Strategy developed by invasive Drosophila species, in particular regarding changes in local temperature and related availability of ressources.

Provided courses

–       Animal ecology
–       Evolutionary biology
–       Population genetics
–       Population dynamics
–       Compared embryology of vertebrates

Directions or joint managements of thesis

2012-2015 : Quentin COULETTE
2011 : Ibrahim ISMAEIL
2010 : Sophie VINCHON
2009 : Sébastien HAVARD
2009 : Alix MABIALA

Administrative tasks

–       Direction of the Master degree EAB : Ecosystems, Agrosystems, Biodiversity
–       Vice-President of the section 67 (Ecology, Evolution, Population genetics, Biodiversity) of the CNU (Conseil National des Universités)
–       Direction of the research group BIPE (1990 – 2014)
–       AERES / HCERES commities