Edysan, Ecology and Dynamics of Human-influenced Systems, FRE 3498, is a research unit of CNRS and the University of Picardy Jules Verne.

The research program is devoted to the integrated, multiscalar analysis of the production systems (including agro-ecosystems and forest ecosystems), in the context of global change and its ecological, environmental, and human consequences.


Recruitment: see internships, PhD thesis and postdoctorals offers.

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  • smallFOREST

    BiodivERsA call proposals 2011-40 smallFOREST Biodiversity and ecosystem services of small forest fragments in European landscapes smallFOREST     In many parts of Europe, the original forest cover has strongly ...

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    FORHAIE   Under construction…

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    Eureka project VEGEPHY Development of an oil for the treatment of seed potatoes to fight against transmission by the aphid of the virus Y and of ...

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    MISC-PIC  Under construction…

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