The russian firm’s organisational links and behaviour (p.123-137)  [Fichier PDF]
Leonidas Maroudas, University of the Aegean, Business Administration Department
Yorgos Rizopoulos, CRIISEA, University of Picardie
Keywords : Russia, firm, transition, managerial strategies, manufacturing
JEL classification : D21, J53, L21, P31
Although the interdependence forms and the interaction elements between external and internal relations developed by Russian enterprises are gradually changing - as the organisational strategies by which they are governed are being transformed - certain relatively stable characteristics can be observed during the first period of the economic transformation). These characteristics are the tendency to bolster economic networks, the high percentage of inter-enterprise (and to a smaller extent intra-enterprise) transactions represented by barter exchange and the relative maintenance of the worker collective’s size. These features result from the incessant renegotiation process, between the various participants, of the internal and external organisational equilibrium’s terms. They constitute a major pattern of the organisational behaviour of the Russian manufacturing firm during the 1991-1998 period.