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Why the reform ?

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First reason

To standardize European diplomas and therefore enable students to study in different places. This demanded a re-design of higher education in France. In the different European countries, studies will be organised in the same way : Bachelors 'bac' + 3 years study, Masters 'bac' + 5 years study and Doctorate, 'bac' + 8 years study. This means that students wishing to study partly overseas can be sure that these studies will be validated in the same way as in France. This also means that diplomas awarded by the UPJV will be recognised by the European countries as the grades and diplomas are comparable. Students will also be able to find work overseas more easily.

2nd reason

To allow studies more flexibility The path of studies is tailord for each student from the 'bac' up to the diploma he is aiming for and contains a coherent choice of studies which apply to his personal and professional project. For each field there are common courses, plus optional courses and general sessions open to students of all disciplines. At all levels it is possible to change course. The different subjects taught at the University are maintained and multi-disciplinary study is encouraged. So a new European system has been set up. This applies for the first five years which are validated either by an average mark, or by an average of points, or credits. Every semester studied has several teaching modules (UE) and has 30 credits. Students must obtain a total of 180 credits in order to have the bachelors degree and 120 credits to have the Masters. The LMD is part of a new organisation for higher education, it is less static than previously and may be initially destabilising, yet will certainly allow a better follow up for students individually.

What about former diplomas ?

The DEUG and the 'maîtrise' are intermediary diplomas, awarded on students' request.


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