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Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Vocational studies

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Short studies ('bac' +2 years study) : IUT

Studies leading to DUT (university diploma in technology)

The IUT offers general education with a technological slant (management, business, computer science, civil engineering, biology, mechanics...).

Admission is based on qualifications ('bac' or its equivalent) and on application. Students take part in a compulsory work experience placement of 10 weeks as part of the course.

Vocational courses ('bac' +3 years study) : vocational degrees

The vocational degree places the student directly in the working environment. This enables him to increase his knowledge, to further his professional aims and also to integrate more easily into the professional world. image Find out more

The work placement is between 12 and 16 weeks and the guided project makes up at least one quarter of the volume of work not including the training course.

Extended studies ('bac' +5 years study) : Special fields or vocational studies at Masters level

Several study paths or special fields at Masters level are vocational. image Find out more

Whatever the qualification at the end of these studies, they combine theorical knowledge with practical exeprience. The work placements are compulsory, they give students their first professional experience and a way of networking.

Whatever the field (management, industrial systems engineering, biology...), and the entry level, admission is on selection : applications, interviews, written tests ...


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