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Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Bachelor, professional bachelor and master degrees

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The University of Picardie Jules Verne (UPJV) offers a wide selection of courses in all subjects levels.

Arts - Literature - Languages


Specialisation in Arts (Arts Major)

Performing arts - optional : film and audio-visual studies
Performing arts - optional : drama and acting
Fine arts
Art history and archaeology

Specialisation in Literature
Literature / history, geography (Beauvais)
Classical cultures
Modern literature
Linguistics / media and communication
Modern literature / Linguistics

Specialisation in Applied linguistics
English - German (Amiens, Beauvais)
English - Spanish (Amiens, Beauvais)
English - Italien

Specialisation in Linguistics, literature and foreign civilizations (Cultural studies)


Ressource material and database - Librarian studies - Animation, management, documentation (Amiens)


Specialisation in Arts

Artwork management, exhibitions set-up (P)
Art history (R)
Art theory and pratice (R)

Specialisation Langage(s), texts, exchanges
Linguistics (R)
Antique, French and comparative literature (R)
Foreign literature, language and civilization
          - Foreign literature, langage and civilization (R)
          - Skills for secondary scholl teaching (E)
International management (P)

Law - Economics - Management


Specialisation in Law/Political science - English (joint disciplines)
Specialisation in Law
    Private law Public law
Specialisation in Political science (3rd year)
Specialisation in Public administration (3rd year)
Specialisation in Economics
Specialisation in Management


Insurance, bank, finance - Insurance and claim management (Laon)
Assurance, banque, finances - Conseiller gestionnaire de clientèle de particuliers
Business and trade - Sales/Export assistant S.M.E - S.M.I (Amiens)
Commerce - Commercialisation des aliments de santé
Business and trade - Commercial development and exchange management (Beauvais)
Business and trade - Global trade manager (Amiens)
Logistique - Gestion des systèmes logistiques (GSL) (Creil)
Organizational Management - Management control for S.M.E - S.M.I (Beauvais)
Organizational Management - Taking over or starting a new business Construction, Building and Public Work (Amiens)
Organizational Management - Local Community Management (Creil)


Specialisation in Law
Land appraisal
Spécialité Administration territoriale
Business law
European and international law
Health law
Legal professions
        Litigation law
        Private law (in depth study)

Specialisation in Political science

Tronc commun M1
Assessment of public policies
Political theory and practice
Public Administration

Specialisation in Applied economics

Tronc commun M1
Local and organizational management
      - Management of the net economy
      - Local institutions, entrepreneurship and solidarity-based development

Specialisation in Management
      - Accounting, management control, audit
      - Human resources management
      - Business administration

Human and Social Sciences


Specialisation in Philosopy


Specialisation in Psychology


Specialisation in Educational sciences (3rd year)
Adult education

Mention Sanitation and social studies (3rd year)
Sanitation and social studies

Specialisation in Sociology


Specialisation Geography

Environnement / development (sustainable development)
Geography - Histoiry

Specialisation History
Histoiry in-depth approach (ground building)
Geography - History
Social sciences


Community management - Dealing with the specific needs of various communities (Beauvais)
Cultural heritage management - cultural and natural heritage, tourism (Amiens)
Sécurité des biens et des personnes - Hygiène Sécurité (IUT de l'Oise - Creil)

Specialisation in Psychology
Mental and physical disabilities (psychology)
Psychopathology and clinical psychology
Human factors and work systems

Specialisation in Philosophy and education sciences
           - Langage philosophy and epistemology
           - Social philosophy, ethics and political philosophy
           - Aesthetics, cinema
Educational sciences
          - Management of the adult education
          - Management of educational projects : an international approach
Health sciences
          - Training for professional health managers (P)

Specialisation in Sociology
Ethnography and data collecting
Organizational audit, management of social and technological innovation
Demography and social data
Cultural heritage

Mention Histoire

Archives for professional use and management
A study of war
History and archaeology
          - Histoiry and archaeology of the Ancient world and of the Middle Ages (R et P) 
          - Histoiry and civilisation of modern and contemporary times (R)

Sciences - Technology - Health


Specialisation in Chemistry

Biology (Amiens)
Biology (Beauvais)
Physics (L3)

Specialisation in Computer science

Computer science

Specialisation in Mathematics

Computer science
Physics (Beauvais)

Specialisation in Physics
Electronics, electrical engineering control
Applied Physics

Specialisation in Health and biology
Human biology and health applied technologies (L2 - L3)
Prevention, health, physical rehabilitation
            - Optional classes : security, physical rehabilitation
            - Optional classes : massage and physiotherapy
Pharmaceutical sciences

Specialisation in Biology and geology

Chemistry (Amiens)
Chemistry (Beauvais)
Crop and food industry
Parcours sciences de la vie et de la terre

Specialisation in Engineering (St-Quentin)
Industrial engineering

Specialisation STPSA (Sciences and techniques applied to physical and sports activities)
Adapted physical activity and health maintenance
Education and motor skills (Amiens)
Education and motor skills (Soissons)
Sports training

Agronomy, agriculture and sustainable development
Agronomy, Sale representative for agricultural business
Plastics processing and composite materials - Tansformation, multitechnological specialities of production (In co-autorisation with UTC)
Communication activities and techniques - teleservice jobs
Automation and industrial information technology - on-board car systems
Food industry, and food supply - Additives, tehcnological auxiliaries and healty nutrition
Networks and telecommunications - Webdeveloper
Information systems and databases - Communication and mobile computer technology for the companies and departements
Health - Physical inabilities compensation technologies
Networks and telecommunication - Networks and computer engineering
Building and construction - Construtive choice width environmental quality
Management of industrial production - Management of quality (Cuffies - Soissons)
Environnement : Water-related professions (St-Quentin)
Systèmes informatiques et logiciels - Ingénierie de la conception informatisée (St-Quentin)
Automation and industrial information technology - Automation, networks ande  remote maintenance (Cuffies - Soissons)
Robotics and industrial vision


Specialisation in Physical and engineering sciences
Engineering of composites agro-materials
Physical characterisation and modelling of complex materials
Skills for secondary school teaching (physics-chemistry)

Specialisation in Storing and energy conversion materials (master's degree on European vocation Erasmus Mundus)
Storing and energy conversion materials

Specialisation in Agro-business and environment
Ecosystems, agricultural-systems and sustainable development
Plant production and food-processing industry
Skills for secondary school teaching

Specialisation in organic and inorganic resources management
Quality control analyse - Water recycling and quality management
Biological and biotechnological transformations of organic resources
Chemical transformations of organic and inorganic resources
Physics - optional class : chemistry

Specialisation in Health
Health, security and work environment management
Physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation and gesture performance engineering
Molecular and therapeutical interactions
Physiopathology of integrated systems

Specialisation in Mathematics
Applied analyse and modelling
Algebra, number theory and applications
Skills for secondary scholl teaching (mathematics)

Specialisation in sciences and information technology
Electronics, electrical engineering, industrial automation and computer sciences
Logistics and embedded systems
          - Management and logistics 
          - On-board equipment and transport system
Computer systems and network engineering
Computer science applied to business management
          - Parcours Organisation des systèmes d'information de l'entreprise
          - Multimédia and Internet information systems (distant learning)
          - Multimedia and Internet information systems
          - Multimedia and Internet information mobile systems
Information modelling and system analysis

Specialisation in Sciences, engineering and sports-related professions

Sport sciences
Sciences, engineering and sports-related professions

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