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French courses

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If French isn't your first language, don't worry. We have a series of programmes to help you improve your command of the French language. The UPJV Department of International Affairs (DAI)  offers three types of course in French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

1. Semester long courses in French to international students enrolled in exchange programs

This course is completely free of charge, takes place throughout the academic year and refreshes and develops French language skills. Courses are available at different levels (elementary, intermediate, advanced and highly advanced) with 5 hours per week and per level: 2½ hours on French culture and civilization, 2½ hours on French language, making a total of 50 hours per semester. These courses can give up to 8 ECTS credits per semester for validation by the student’s home university. A FLE course registration form is sent to students and must be completed and returned to the Department of International Affairs prior to arrival.

2. Academic French Language Diploma

This diploma features intensive FLE training available to students who want to acquire the necessary level of fluency to be able to follow a university course in French. This fee-based course is available in 3 formats depending on its length: 1, 2 or 3 semesters and gives rise to the Preparatory University Diploma Certificate for university study in France (French as a Foreign Language Option).

  • 3 semester course : Includes 750 hours of lectures and is for those with an elementary level in French (A2).
  • 2 semester course : Includes 550 hours of lectures for those with an intermediate level in French (B1).
  • 1 semester course : Includes 350 hours of lectures for those with an upper intermediate level in French (B2).
After obtaining the University Diploma Certificate, students have the opportunity to enrol in specialised courses.

3. Intensive French as a Foreign Language Course

The FLE Centre regularly offers courses in French for University Objectives (FUO), which feature intensive French language courses before the start of the academic year (at the beginning of September). These courses allow for a comprehensive review of language basics and help prepare students for university life in France. Conferences about France and cultural activities are also included in the programme. Furthermore, this course provides an ideal first opportunity for international students to meet up. A great way to start the year !

If you wish to participate in this course, you can sign up by returning the registration form.

Attention – the number of places is limited !!!

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